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Dental Assistant

Though the majority of dental assistants are employed by general dentists, some graduates choose to work in one of the many dental specialties, such as pedodontics, orthodontics and oral surgery. Most assistants work at chairside, although opportunities do exist for graduates to participate in front office procedures. The demand for dental services will continue to grow in the future and therefore, the need for trained dental assistants will increase in order to meet that demand.


Salary Range Potential: Average Annual Salary $37,630

Class Types:

  • Radiology | Dental Impressions | Crown & Bridge


Dental Assisting Technology-Dental Assistant

The Dental Assisting curriculum is a one year program of study designed to prepare the student for employment and advancement in the dental assisting field. The program includes lecture hours, lab hours, and supervised clinical experiences. In the clinical experience, the student will assist the dentist at chairside in private offices and agency dental clinics.

Example of Class Types

Radiology | Dental Impressions | Crown & Bridge

  Day and Night Classes:

Day Classes

Pre-requisites required:
High School Diploma or GED | Minimum 18 ACT Score

Length of Program
3 Semesters - Technical Certification

Summary of Program Requirements
High School Diploma or GED | Minimum 18 ACT Score

Skills Needed
Problem Solving | Mathematics | Communicator | Flexibility | Critical Thinking
Hinds Community College
Jackson Campus

Valeria Winston