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Emergency Medical Technician

Paramedics have fulfilled prescribed requirements by a credentialing agency to practice the art and science of out-of-hospital medicine in conjunction with medical direction. Through performance of assessments and providing medical care, their goal is to prevent and reduce mortality and morbidity due to illness and injury. Paramedics primarily provide care to emergency patients in an out-of-hospital setting. Paramedics possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes consistent with the expectations of the public and the profession. Paramedics recognize that they are an essential component of the continuum of care and serve as linkages among health resources.


Salary Range Potential: $33,380.00

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Emergency Medical Tech.*-Emergency Medical Technician

The EMT-Paramedic training program is a postsecondary program drawing its students from individuals already possessing a valid EMT-Basic state certification and having Anatomy and Physiology I with lab and a grade average of C in each. Each student must be 18 years or older and possess a high school diploma or GED certificate. Prospective students will need to have an ACT composite score of 16 or higher. Classroom instruction is comprehensive including a working knowledge of all anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology processes as well as competency-based instruction in assessment and management skills required for treatment of life-threatening problems in the adult, pediatric, and geriatric patient. Clinical internship requires participation in care of patients in a hospital emergency department that provides medical control to ALS providers in the field. According to availability; a clinical internship will include CCU, ICU, labor and delivery suite, operating room, psychiatric ward, pediatric ward and geriatric ward. Field internship is done with an ambulance service and/or rescue service providing advanced life support services to the community. Students must maintain a B average in all classes in order to continue the Paramedic program the following semester. A student successfully completing the program will receive an associate degree or technical certificate from the college and be eligible to take National Registry's Exam as an EMT-Paramedic. This training program is sanctioned by the Mississippi State Board of Health, Division of EMS, the State Department of Education, and Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the EMS professions. The course meets or exceeds those standards established by the National Highway Safety Administration/U.S. Department of Transportation.

*Non-Credit Program

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