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Pharmacy Technician


Salary Range Potential: $31,000.00

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Pharmacy Technology-Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technology combines classroom instruction with laboratory work and clinical experience to prepare students for employment and advancement in the pharmacy field. Pharmacy Technicians assist and support licensed pharmacists in providing direct patient care and medications to patients. Pharmacy technicians must work under the direction of a registered pharmacist. Pharmacy Technicians are held to high standards. The Mississippi State Board of Pharmacy requires all Mississippi technicians to be registered and undergo an acceptable criminal background check. Pharmacy Technician employers will require registration and may require drug testing and immunization for employment. Failure to adhere to employer’s policies and procedures may result in termination or decline of employment. Students learn about pharmacology through and overview of drug classifications, common drug side effects, drug use and abuse, FDA testing, and biotransformation of drugs in the human body. The curriculum also includes therapeutic classification of drugs, generic and trade names, transcription abbreviations, and pharmacy math and dosage calculations. The program of study familiarizes the student with methods of drug preparation, packaging and distribution as well as the functions and services provided by the hospital, retail pharmacy, and compounding pharmacy. The program includes practical learning experiences in community settings. Pharmacy Technology students are required to register with the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy, which includes an acceptable criminal background check, to agree to random drug testing, and adhere to immunization policies of clinical sites.

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5 Semesters

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Jones College

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