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Practical Nurse

LPNs are certified healthcare professionals who are responsible for providing basic patient care. LPNs necessarily carry out their job duties under the supervision of either an RN or a doctor. An LPN collects information from the patients to be admitted; regarding medical records, medical insurance details, and helps in completing other pretreatment formalities. An LPN records health details of patients; which usually comprise blood pressure, body temperature, respiration and heartbeat rate among other vital signs. LPNs help the patient prepare for medical examinations, takes test samples from patients, and administers medicines and injections prescribed by the physician to the patients.


Salary Range Potential: $42,046.00

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Practical Nursing (PN)*-Practical Nurse

This program prepares the individual to assist in providing general nursing care which requires a basic knowledge of the biological, physical, behavioral, psychological and sociological sciences, and of nursing procedures which do not require the substantial skills, judgment, and knowledge required of a registered nurse. This care is performed under the direction of a registered nurse, licensed physician, or dentist. Students that complete the program requirements, 3 semesters, as identified by the Mississippi Community College Board, will be eligible to apply for LPN licensure.

*Non-Credit Program

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3 Semesters

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Jones County Junior College

Teresa McDonald
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