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Advanced Manufacturing

Industrial Maintenance Technician

Be the workplace hero who keeps America’s mighty industrial machine humming at high speed. If you are a hard-working problem solver with an aptitude for all things mechanical, this could be the perfect career choice for you.
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Instrumentation, Automation & Controls Technician

Advanced manufacturing is a high-tech world in need of highly skilled , highly trained technicians. Learn to install, configure, troubleshoot and repair the sophisticated instruments, controls and equipment that drive modern manufacturing.
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Heavy Equipment

Diesel Equipment Technician

If you count yourself among the mechanically inclined, you could soon be counting the rewards of a career as a Diesel Tech. Learn to repair and maintain all types of diesel equipment, from trucks to construction equipment to locomotives and more.
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Utility Lineman

Can you imagine a world without electricity? Nobody can. That why there’s such high demand for linemen who can keep the power flowing to homes, businesses and communities. Learn how a career in energy can power your career—and your future.
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Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers design and build the systems that power the world. If you have an analytic mind, an aptitude for technology and a spark of creativity, there could be a career waiting for you in the high-tech, high-paying field of electrical engineering.
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Information Technology

Computer Programming & Coding

Computers do what they’re told. As a programmer / coder, you’re the person who tells the computer what to do—a skill that’s in high demand in our computer-driven world. Turn your passion for computers into a high-paying career in Computer Programming & Coding.
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Computer Science
(4 year)

Developing software. Web design. Systems analysis and administration. These are a few of the roles Computer Scientists perform as they use technology to solve problems. The founders of Facebook and Google got their start in computer science. Who know how far you could go?
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