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Mississippi has great career opportunities.

If you are looking for career options in Mississippi, consider opportunities in these five areas. Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare, Logistics and Information Technology have been identified by leaders as the best areas to look for a high paying, great opportunity.


Advanced Manufacturing






Information Technology



Great careers are right around the corner.

Opportunities in these fields and more are in high demand and pay well above the average salary — WITH OR WITHOUT a four-year degree. So how do you get one? We can get you plugged in. From here, you can choose your career, compare salary ranges, find training programs and search job opportunities in dynamic fields driven by the latest technology.

This initiative is led by the The Skills Foundation of Mississippi borne out of the Mississippi Energy Institute. It’s made possible by numerous partners both public and private who understand that Mississippi’s future depends on a world-class workforce ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

The Skills Foundation of Mississippi

Higher Pay Potential

Jobs in these areas earn 2-3 times more than their private sector counterparts.

Job Opportunity

Demand is high. Over 2/3 of the available jobs are for skilled workers in MS, and more are needed.

Work Debt-Free

The vast majority of the available jobs don’t require a college education, which means more money in your pocket.

Earn Time-and-a-Half

Most employers say overtime hours are available for those who want to significantly increase their paycheck.

Freedom To Go

Want to stay close to home? Employers in your area are hiring right now.

Want to travel? Good news! Your training is in demand across the nation.

Made in the USA

More domestic manufacturing means a stronger US economy and a safer America.