Plant Operator

For workers who know that quality control is vital in production. Training as a refinery or plant operator will empower you to work in complex manufacturing facilities or for energy and chemical producers.


Salary Range Potential:
$60,000+ /YEAR

Education Required:
Community College or Technical Degree

Skills Needed:
Problem-solving, Computer skills, Attention to detail

Types of Employers:
Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing

Job Description

Plant Operators are in high demand.

Manufacturing facilities are vast, complex operations, so operators work to ensure that high quality and safety standards are consistently met.

The best operators show an acute attention to detail and observation skills. They are able to monitor multiple processes at once so that preventative measures can be taken before problems arise, and they work well as part of a shift team.

With the surge in manufacturing in the United States, the Southeast is experiencing an expansion of manufacturing facilities.

  • Plant Operator- $60,000

  • Cashier - $20,880

  • Waitress/Waiter - $20,770

  • Fast Food Workers - $20,770

  • Security Guard - $26,170

  • Private Sector - $41,600

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Training Opportunities

Plant Operator

MGCCC’s Process Operations Technology program is designed to prepare technicians for employment in the diverse field of process operations. Many students are offered internships, and they will have the opportunity to work in a position related to process technology where they will receive work-related application of their classroom training.

Example of Class Types
Intro to Process Technology, Safety Health and Environment, Emerging Energy Technologies
Day or Night Classes:
Contact for more information.

Pre-requisites required:
Applicants must meet Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College admission requirements.

Length of Program:
2 years

Summary of Program Requirements:
Applicants must meet Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College admission requirements.

Skills Needed
Problem-solving, Computer skills, Attention to Detail

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Jackson County



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